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Hey There

We are a female owned mobile company dedicated to empowering women through self-defense seminars.  Our focus is providing the skills and techniques necessary to become more aware of your surroundings and minimize the threat of becoming a victim.  We invite you to join us in saying NOT ME.  NOT TODAY.

All About the Why

Our mission is simple:  to teach women how to recognize the signs of a potential attack and how not become a target.  We believe in a three-tiered approach.  First and foremost is awareness and learning the skills to become more aware of your surroundings.  Second, avoidance, how to stay away from potentially vulnerable situations.  And third, reaction, how to react quickly and effectively should a potential threat arise.  We also strive to help you embrace your feisty side, and unleash your power to fight back, or better yet attack!

Our focus isn’t on complex physical techniques, but rather on simplicity and applicability.  We emphasize confidence and an understanding that most women already possess the tools necessary to stay safe, despite their age or physical condition.  Because at the of the day, our goal is clear:  it’s about teaching women how to say Not Me.  Not Today. 

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