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Corporate - your customers

Why hire us

Empower your female customers with our tailored corporate seminar addressing women's self-defense and situational awareness.  During our seminar your customers will learn how to become more aware of their surroundings and what they can do to minimize being targeted for a crimeWe provide valuable information through simple and memorable techniques. 

The seminars are a fun and memorable way to thank and give back to old and potentially new customers while learning potentially lifesaving information.


How it works

Don't worry about driving, we come to you.

You provide the space and we will bring the class to you. TV screen or AV set up required. 

Seminars typically run 1,5 to 2 hours, but are customizable to your specific needs.


get a quote

Contact us for a tailored quote to meet your needs. 

Click here and we get back to you shortly.



Is your seminar a physical training?

This is not a physical class. We will demonstrate easy to apply techniques, and may request some audience participation.

What shall the participants wear?

Special attire is not needed, since this is not a physical class

What type of audience is this seminar appropriate for?

We tailor each seminar to the specific industry, age and needs of our audience. 

Do you provide catering services?

While we do not provide specific catering services we love talking on catered events, should decide to provide food.

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